Headlamps with Micro-optics
R2R Wafer-scale
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During the last years, nearly all products in the field of automotive lighting are subject to the trends of reducing installation space, improving efficiency and design flexibility. Therefore, the use of novel free-form micro-optics, which promise a great benefit concerning these trends, is especially conceivable for headlamp systems.

The environmental condition of automotive systems in combination with high requirements concerning optical performance and cost effectivity are challenging for materials and manufacturing processes. Therefore, HELLA is use case partner in the PHABULOµS project and looks for new possibilities for the industrialization of freeform micro-optics.

Optical & material requirements (extraction; may differ depending on application)

  • Diffractive / hybrid / refractive structures (stochastic and periodic)
  • Component sizes 10mm to 200mm
  • Optical sizes <250µm
  • Lens sag <150µm
  • Ra roughness <50m
  • Form irregularity <400nm
  • Edge slopes >85°
  • 3D-curved substrates
  • Usage of automotive certified materials
    • Temperature -40°C to +125°C
    • UV & sun radiation
    • humidity & condensed /saline water
    • corrosive gas / fuel exposure