Replication by R2P
[REPLICATION] UV-NIL replication
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Through Roll-to-plate (R2P) nanoimprint lithography micro- and nanostructures can be applied on very large substrates  of over 1 x 1 meter. With multiple smaller products tiled together, replicated on large substrates, optical textures can be added in cost-effectively with high throughput. This enables the mass production of innovative precise optics for a variety of photonics (light management) application such as displays, smartphones, tablets, sensors, lighting products and solar panels.

• Substrate sizes:

        o Width of max 600 mm

        o Length of max 1200 mm

• Substrate thickness: 0.5 – 10 mm

• Substrate materials: Glass, polymer, metal

• Textures: from 50 nanometer up to 500 micrometer