Tooling (electro-forming)
R2R R2P Wafer-scale
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CSEM has electroforming infrastructure for small area (8’’ wafer scale, galvanisation of Ni and other metals) and large area Ni shims. The maximum size for large area Ni shims is 35x55 cm. The main application of this galvanization process is the fabrication of Ni shims from structure masters and the fabrication of 2nd (and higher) generation copies of Ni shims. Both the 1st generation Ni and –  depending on the material – the original master are kept safe, while the 2nd generation copies are used for all subsequent upscaling (e.g. S&R UV-imprint) and replication processes (e.g. R2P and R2R UV imprint).

• Substrate sizes:

        o Width of max 350mm

        o Length of max 550mm

• Substrate thickness: 0.1 – 50 mm

• Substrate materials: Glass, polymer, metal

• Textures: from 20 nanometer up to 500 micrometer