Characterization & Quality control
R2R R2P Wafer-scale
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Surface profile:

  • AFM
  • SEM
  • Optical (up to x150)
  • Laser Scannig Confocal (upto 150x and 60x60 cm2 stage)
  • Tactile 3D profilometry
  • Predicted optical function from measured surface topology


  • 2D luminance distributino (Konica Minolta CA2500 Luminance camera)
  • Integraled luminous flux (50cm int. sphere)
  • Luminous intensity distribution (in-house)
  • Transmittance / Reflectance / Absorption / Haze
  • Laser beam profile
  • OCT

Material stability:

  • Climate chambers
  • Mechanical stability (peel/bending/elongation)

Measurable surfaces up to 60x60 cm2, depending on the chosen characterization equipment.