Fresnel Lens Films
Nanocomp Oy Ltd
[OPTICAL ELEMENTS] grayscale photolithography - maskless [REPLICATION] UV-NIL replication
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Ultra Thin Fresnel lens films are originated by  lithography process.
Microstructured lenses are manufactured by UV embossing and lens shapes are customizable.

  • Excellent optical performance
  • Ultra thin film component
  • Stylish appearance, no visible fringes
  • Negative and positive lenses '
  • Regular and TIR lenses
  • Axigons
  • Lens shape customizable


  • LED light shaping, e.g. camera flash lenses
  • Sensor optics
  • Laser beam shaping


  • Focal length: from +/-0,5 mm upwards
  • Minimum F-number: f/0.5
  • Profile height: 3-9 µm
  • Minimum groove spacing: 5-10 µm (depending on height)
  • Max gain up to 7 in flash lenses
  • Max R in profile: 1-2 µm (depending on height)