Microimprint on Wafer Level
Suss Microoptics
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SUSS MicroOptics imprint capabilities give customers the flexibility they need to design demanding structures for their applications, including freeform micro-optics, high fill factors (up to 100%) and mixes of concave and convex shapes. This technology has been deployed in high volume manufacturing for the automotive industry, making it a good solution for cost-sensitive markets while benefiting from stable processes. Using the latest equipment developed by our parent company SUSS MicroTec, we can replicate even the most demanding lens shapes at cost competitive prices.

Optical & material requirements (extraction; may differ depending on application)

  • Refractive structures (stochastic and periodic)
  • Diffractive and hybrid on special demand  
  • Microlens array sizes 2 mm to 200 mm
  • Optical lens size < 3 mm
  • Lens sag < 500 µm
  • Ra roughness <15 µm
  • Form irregularity <100 nm
  • Edge slopes <40°
  • 3D-curved substrates
  • Usage of automotive certified materials