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SUSS MicroOptics is committed to providing the highest quality components underpinned by cutting edge manufacturing techniques. Combined with a unique blend of people skills, its innovative advances in technology make SUSS MicroOptics a leader in its product offerings.

SUSS MicroOptics provides a broad range of customized microlenses for efficient collimation and light coupling for fiber optics, as well as Si-Photonics, PIC, WSS, laser diodes, VCSEL, CWDM, DWDM and more. These MLA's can be used for the visible and infrared applications.


+ 1D & 2D microlens arrays + Highest quality and precision + Bulk material: fused silica, silicon, borofloat + Wavelength range: DUV to Mid-IR + Lens profile: sphere, asphere + Sub-micron position accuracy


+ Trenches for glue stops and glue pockets, pupils, pinholes, alignment marks, mounting posts + Double-sided lens arrays with precise frontto-back alignment + AR coating, metallization, wafer-level packaging + Wafer thinning

  • Materials:  Fused silica (various grades), silicon
  • Numerical aperture (NA)  - Typically 0.09 to 0.6 
  • Mode Field Diameter (MFD)  - 0.6 μm to 50 μm
  • Beam Diameter/Output - 50 to 400 µm, others on request
  • Fiber/Waveguide types - SMF, MMF, LD, PIC,
  • Si-Photonics Back focal distance - Typically 0 to 300 μm
  • Pitch - 82 μm, 125 µm, 250 µm, 500 µm, 750 µm, and custom pitch
  • Lens type - Circular, cylindrical
  • Lens profile - Spherical, aspheres, DOE
  • Arrays Linear, quadratic, hexagonal, custom