NanoImprint at wafer-scale
[REPLICATION] UV-NIL replication
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CEA-Leti have capability to perform NanoImprinting at wafer-scale.

The technology used to perform this replication is soft UV-NIL. It allows to pattern Si or glass wafer from a first master wafer and keep the same polarity. The associated materials and equipment allow to reach an high throughput of 60 wafers per hour.

Size of patterns replicated are from micrometers to nanometers. It is possible to replicate 2D shape, 3D shape or freeform with angle below 90°. The resist used for replication could be change to have the specific refractive index needed.


  • Min replicating patterns width 45nm
  • WtW uniformity on 25 wafers s < 1% for sub50nm
  • Intra-wafer CD uniformity s < <2% for sub50nm (< 1% bigger structures)
  • Overlay ±3µm (~±1µm distortion)
  • Defectivity count <10 def./cm²
  • High aspect ratio (>5)

Others capabilities

  • Si or Glass wafer
  • Large surface
  • 2D, 3D shape and freeform
  • Different resist RI available