Rapid-prototyping of complex 3D plastic optical components
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Lighting Optical instrumentation

With our patented technology we can fabricate submicrostructures on 3D macro (Planar and non-planar, curved) optics to obtain new optical effects and functionalities. This leads to numerous innovative applications, for example in

  • Optoelectronics
  • Photonics
  • image processing sensors
  • machine vision
  • robotics
  • motion control systems

The combination of different optical functions on one single element can contribute significantly to

  • miniaturization of optical components
  • better integration into systems
  • at lower cost.

We can offer our customers:

  1. Modelling: Optical design of one or more novel complex 3D optical components based on the concept of micro on 3D macro’.
  2. Additive manufacturing of 3D macro elements by 3D-printing
  3. Mastering: Efficient fabrication of (sub-) microstructures on top of non-planar surfaces on a centimetre scale by means of mask-less laser lithography
  4. Rapid prototyping: low-cost fabrication of a highly precise optical 3D sample (plastic optical element made of only one material with a surface roughness Ra~ 5 nm) by vacuum resin casting for quick and flexible testing and implementing design changes

Rapid-prototyping of complex 3D plastic optical components