Micro- and Nano Laser structuring
Micro- and nano structuring services for molds made of steel and other materials, enabling surface functions such as Anti Reflective, Anti Glare, Superhydrophobicity or even meta surfaces.
Standex International
R2R R2P Wafer-scale
[STRUCTURAL ELECTRONICS] In-Moulding [STRUCTURAL ELECTRONICS] Thermoforming [STRUCTURAL ELECTRONICS] Post-process. cutting, slitting, laser [OPTICAL ELEMENTS] diamond micro machining [OPTICAL ELEMENTS] laser micromachining
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We offer structuring of 3D parts as a service on steel, nickel, titanium and other materials

"A combination of micro- and nano structures enables functionalizing of surfaces" 

We offer support in plastic injection mold design to replicate micro- and nano structures

We are able to analyze surfaces optically (SEM), mechanically and chemically 

We support in injection molding process development 

We take over pilot production and small scale manufaturing of injetion molded parts 

Specifications depend on the final application

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.