Laser Dicing of glass based wafer level manufactured products
Laser dicing of fully processed glass wafers into dies for e.g. micro-optical devices can be provided as a service for early development. For scaling of manufacturing, fully automated process solutions can be offered for many different applications..
Corning Laser Technologies GmbH
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Laser-based dicing of glass wafers for up to 300 mm diameter provides a high quality as well as a high throughput solution for dicing of glass-based products. This technology can be applied to glass wafers for Microfluidic, ME(O)MS and other semiconductor applications as for sensor cover glasses.

Based on a die per wafer calculation and nominal processing speeds for laser and breaking technologies, a wafer per hour performance for small dies can be calculated. e.g. for a 3 mm square die design on a 300 mm diameter wafers, a dicing takt of ~10 wafers per hours can be expected.

Exemplary investigations of a Corning® HPFS® Fused Silica (HPFS) glass wafer demonstrate the exceptional performance for chipping and edge quality and provide a quality, where the chipping performance is better than 50 µm with very precise edges and die corners.

We provide the laser dicing process solutions from small scale prototyping investigations to pilot production at our site to tool sales for a full manufacturing solution.