R2R UV-Imprint Manufacturing
Industrial scale contract manufacturing partner for R2R UV-imprinting of foil materials in roll widths of up to 1600 mm (also small volumes in smaller widths possible). Full service provider incl. sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, converting, packaging, etc.
Folex AG

Folex is offering services as a professional contract coating partner to many chemical companies in Europe. We are used to manufacturing materials in large volumes. This includes all steps of sourcing of raw materials, warehousing, preparation of large volumes of lacquers, coating to roll based materials, quality control, converting, packaging and exporting. Folex is operating production plants in Seewen (Switzerland, incl. UV-Imprinting), Köln (Germany, incl. OCA coating) and Erlangen (Germany).

Folex is highly experienced in up-scaling of third party processes to R2R lines. We are operating a 600 mm pilot line that allows intermediate volumes to be produced before the full quantities are required. The step from our pilot to the large machines (up to 1700 mm) is then often a well predictable step with reduced risk in face of the costs involved for larger volumes of raw materials and larger master tools!

So, yes, Folex is providing those large R2R machines that you need for efficient production, but more important still, also a good team that can scale-up your process and get you holding your first fine materials in your hands before your budget is burned. Confidentiality and a professional code of business conduct are taken seriously. Get in touch for more detailed information: info@folex.com

  • 2 Coating machines with UV-imprint stations:
    • pilot line up to 600 mm patterned width
    • production line up to 1600 mm patterned width
  • ISO class 7 clean-room environment for R2R UV-imprinting, coating and converting.
  • Lacquers: Folex own or customer’s lacquers
  • UV-sources: Hg lamps (others on request)
  • Lamination: PSA- and UV-Lamination
  • Substrates: PET, PC, etc.
  • Web-speed: 1-10 / 7-70 m/min
  • Inspection: inline coating weight, inline defect scanners