High-resolution multi-material micro-optics
We offer a novel print head for direct micro additive fabrication of multi-material micro-optics using 2-photon polymerization. This enables fast prototyping and medium volume production of precisely aligned, compacted composite systems like lens stacks of different refractive index materials.
[ASSEMBLY] Low mix assembly (SMD, bare die, foils) [OPTICAL ELEMENTS] laser micromachining [OPTICAL ELEMENTS] grayscale photolithography - maskless
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We offer our system including hardware and software within an exclusive pilot customer program to our partners. As such a partner for us, you either have a two-photon polymerization 3D laser printing system available or plan to purchase one soon. In both cases let us talk how we can support your multi-material printing vison in the micro-optics field. In addition, we offer public as well as customer exclusive feasibility studies.

Our print head system includes all components needed to enable existing 3D laser writing machines for multi-material printing based on in situ material exchange (software, control electronics, fluidic systems, system adapters and holder, start kit of materials and consumables). Feasibility studies are either free of charge and are then publishable as case studies for us or they are exclusive to the partners and are strictly processed under NDA.

Composite 2PP lens and support
Schematic of a composite lens and support structure