Roll-to-Roll UV Imprint Replication
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[REPLICATION] UV-NIL replication
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Roll-to-Roll (R2R) UV imprint replication is a high-resolution fabrication method, which is characterized by a high throughput and cost-effectiveness. In the continuous R2R replication process, an UV curable resin is used to replicate the desired structures from a cylindrical tool to a flexible substrate. It has been utilized in the mass-production of optical components, including light guides, diffractive optical elements and microlens arrays. R2R UV imprint replication has demonstrated the replication of high-resolution micro and nano-structures with length scales far below those associated with the traditional manufacturing technologies of plastics (e.g. injection moulding).

  • High resolution and aspect ratio
  • High replication fidelity at high/moderate speeds
  • Tailor-able mechanical, chemical and optical properties of the UV resins
  • Thin-film compatible
  • Room temperature and low-pressure process
  • Solvent-free/solvent-based process
  • Single-step lamination and coating of samples possible