Micro-lenses & Micro-lens Arrays
R2R R2P Wafer-scale
[SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS] optical design and simulations (commercial and custom solution) [OPTICAL ELEMENTS] thermal reflow [SERVICES] design check for manufacturability / "rapid protoyping"" [REPLICATION] UV-NIL replication [REPLICATION] master scale-up
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CSEM’s many years of experience designing and fabricating micro-lenses and micro-lens arrays with industrial UV imprint manufacturing processes enable us to offer services along the whole microoptic value chain.

CSEM is the ideal partner for companies searching or the prototyping and/or piloting of advanced micro-optical components. Moreover, through our extended ecosystem of manufacturing partners, we can support our partners to industrialize or ramp-up the volume production of their products.

  • Design, including for manufacturing and tolerancing
  • Origination by standard technologies alongside more advanced micro-machining techniques
  • Tooling up to A3
  • Wafer-scale UV imprint up to 6 inches
  • Roll-to-plate UV imprint up to A3
  • Access to industrial-grade UV imprint materials, including their adaptation to meet specific application requirements
  • Characterization and dedicated metrology for quality control
  • Integration and packaging